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From the start of this class, I’ve been having the urge to play Movies: The Game. So recently I ventured to the back of my closet and pulled out the old cd box set and booted up the game. Released in 2005, Movies: The Game is a business simulation game focusing, you’ve guessed it, making movies. The allows players to work their way up the ladder as the role of a Hollywood film mogul, running your own studio and releasing all the movies you want. The player can either start as a upcoming studio in the prime of Hollywood’s just as it rises as the center stage of the film industry in the 1920’s. You hire some actors, directors,crew members,  screenwriters, builders and janitors, build some sets and now your studio is up and on the rode to success. Like any other mogul-type game, you have to start off small. The scripts are mediocre and the technology is poor but as you progress though the in-game years everything advances. Real historical events are reflected in the games timeline and they bring new equipment and genre interests into the playing field. Eventually, all the components associated to the film industry are brought your studio. Award shows, advanced script making, Public Relations and even plastic surgery for the actors.

As for the actors and directors, the game is more like Sims. You have to keep your “stars” happy, giving them good public image and style, an entourage, high salary and a decent trailer. Don’t underpay or overwork them, for they get angry and stressed, which can lead them to quit or addictions. You also have to make them practice and improve their talent hopefully resulting in rave reviews and more prestige for your studio.

Now the actual creation of the movies is quite fun. After the script you assigned is completed and the talent are on board, its off to make the film. With a predetermined script, when filming you can change the backdrop, mood, and angles of the scene. However, when you create our own script is when you really have fun. You choose the actors, genre, length, what goes on in the scenes, sets costumes and the list goes on.  You can even add your own recored dialogue. Its a machinima machine. Even back in its earlier years, players could upload their machinima masterpieces, for all to see.

All in all, I really recommend anyone one with the slightest interest in film to check this game out for themselves. You’ll really enjoy it.

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