Breathless follows some days in the life of on the run young criminal Michel. The film begins with Michel amid stealing a car. As he flees, some cops catches on a follows him, which brings Michel to killing the cop.  Now on the run, he returns to Paris in search of refuge. He turns to his American girlfriend Patricia and unbeknownst to her she shelters him. The next portion of the film, Patricia and Michel just lounge around her room. Listening to music, talking and just enjoying each others company. Yet, Michel for the most part is trying to get Patricia to sleep with him, partially begging her, which he succeeds. From then on the narrative returns back to the on the run theme,  as Patricia learns of Michel’s criminality. She too is on the run. The two act as lovers on the run with plans to leave Paris, however Patricia halts the plan by betraying Michel. She soon regrets the decision but its too late, the cops are on there way and Michel’s life is brought to an untimely end.

For the most part, I did like this film. I like how its a criminal film yet its not filled with tons of action and violence. It in a way gives you a look at the softer side of a criminal. However, some parts in the beginning and the end I have some reservations about. At the start of the film when Michel is stealing the car I was really on unsure of what was going on. For some reason, it wasn’t clear for me that Michel was in fact stealing the car. The following scene makes up for my confusion as it was very entertaining hearing Michel sign and talk to himself in the car. The other part of the film that bothered me was Michel’s death. It just seemed nonsensical. It wasn’t like Michel was resisting arrest or pulling any kind of “you can’t catch me, Copper!” moves. Yet Bang! and he’s dead. Other than that, i quite enjoyed this movie. The cinematography was great, the characters had great style and I’m a sucker for that type of music played in the background. This film definitely has giving me an interest in watching move French New Wave and other works by Jean-Loc Godard.

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